GDR 2088 Annual Meetings



  • Second edition of the international PEPPERSchool (PEPTIDE AND PROTEIN ENGINEERING: FROM CONCEPTS TO BIOTECHNOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS). Virtual event from 15 to 18 March 2021. This school will continue to gather international experts from the field of peptide/protein chemistry as well as molecular biology methodologies, and high emphasis will be given to maintain a high interactive school. Registrations are currently open. Please, check the web page for updates (

Conferences and Events organized by GDR Members/Partners

  • 4th International conference on Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives (ICBBA2021)” will be held remotely from University of Aveiro, Portugal, from 18th to 19th February, 2021. This event is part of the activities of the European funded COST Action “European Network of BioAdhesives”- ENBA:
  • Seminar (Wednesday Feb 17th 10:00am EST) on “Intelligent and Bio-inspired Mechanics” (IBiM). Zoom Link:  Title: Extreme Events in Fluid Dynamics: Mechanisms, Prediction and Mitigation. Presenter: Prof.Mohammad Farazmand (
  • 30 November 2020, 14h – Le Biomimétisme prend de l’ampleur en Hauts de France ! – click here for more details