Scientific Challenges

  • Feel, experience, perceive (sensor, biosensor, recognition, integration of the signal in matter, …)
  • Biomimetic transformation process, biosynthesis, natural process, …
  • Displacement, movement (robot, artificial insect, biorobotics, biomechanics, stealth, …)
  • Structure (nano, micro, macro, 2D-3D self-assembly, molecular architecture, porous system, porous hybrid, membrane, bio-skeleton, LbL surface, miniaturization, metamaterials, meta-surface, protection, shielding, lightening of structures …)
  • Catalyst, catalytic process (protein enzyme, …), energy and storage (photosynthesis, biopile …)
  • Bioinspired materials (Biopolymers, biosourced polymers, ionic polymers, marine chemistry, biocolle, molecular borrowings, …)
  • Biomaterials (biofilm, antibacterial, biocontaminant, tissue engineering, bioinspired sensors, 3D bio-printing, …)

Societal Challenges

  • Mobility (movement, transport, movement, etc.)
  • Habitat (materials, fluid, fluid flow, control, regulation, structure)
  • Health (antibacterial, biofilm, etc.)
  • Energy (production, process, storage, etc.)
  • Smart City (sensor, self-regulation, signal integration, data processing, etc.)
  • Communication and Signal Processing
  • Environment (bioresource, biopolymer, degradation, pollution, ecosystem, etc.)

You can upload here the presentation of the GDR BIOMIM 2088 and the logo