Post-Doctorat offer to start 01/06/2021 – SAINBIOSE Laboratory, Jean Monnet University Saint Etienne FRANCE

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H2020 European innovation project « LaserImplant »

Effects of femtosecond laser texturing on the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells and development of an infectious model (


Alain Guignandon Laboratoire SAINBIOSE (SAnté INgéniérie BIOlogie St-Etienne) UMR INSERM 1059

Virginie Dumas Laboratoire de Tribologie et Dynamique des Systèmes/ECL/ENISE – UMR 5513 CNRS Saint Etienne

Candidate profile: The candidate could have a multidisciplinary profile and / or a strong motivation to adapt to new fields. He should have a strong background in at least one of one of the following: Cell biology and molecular biology, microscopy techniques, surface characterizations. Knowledge of English will be strongly encouraged

Remuneration: 2100-2500€ net per month depending on experience

Type of funding: H2020 LaserImplant project (Grant agreement ID: 951730)

Laboratory SAINBIOSE: The symbolism of its acronym, SAINBIOSE, indicates the desire of researchers from different disciplines (doctors, engineers, biologists) to work together to improve patient care. SAINBIOSE studies chronic pathologies and aging of the vascular and osteoarticular systems through transversal approaches combining fundamental, technological and clinical research.

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On this post-doctorate subject, the SAINBIOSE Laboratory will collaborate with:

-The LTDS laboratory specialized in surface characterization

-The Hubert Curien laboratory and the Manutech-USD platform, specialists in laser texturing