VIP Article! Bispericyclic Diels–Alder Dimerization of ortho-Quinols in Natural Product (Bio)Synthesis: Bioinspired Chemical 6-Step Synthesis of (+)-Maytenone

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The team of Pr. Stéphane Quideau of Univ. Bordeaux have published a VIP classified article in the international journal Angewandte Chemie on a bioinspired chemical synthesis of a complex natural substance.This article is also the subject of one of the journal’s covers, and will appear in issue 27 of volume 60 of this prestigious journal.

The CNRS and its INC published an announcement on this subject in their sections “Direct from the Labs” and “News” of the INC.

Here are the links concerned:

EDDL link: endirectdeslabos / lettre.php

INC / CNRS News link: fr / news-list

VIP Article link: anie.202103410